We're looking for an Automator to help us build small experiments.

Who are you guys?

Hey 👋 We're Minimum Studio. We build products for people that like to move fast. For the past two years, we've been helping great entrepreneurs from all over the world build their companies, by building beautiful products in an extremely short amount of time. We do it by using visual development tools like Bubble, Adalo, Webflow and Softr, combined with thoughtful design and a little bit of custom code here and there. This is what our past customers think of that.

But that's enough about us. Let's talk about you for a minute.

The role

As an Automator, you'll be working on 3 areas of the business:

Understanding clients and their users' problems

You'll work with clients who are still validating their idea and have a lot to figure out. You'll dive into their business or idea to understand how to help them learn more about their customers.

Designing experiments

To help clients make progress, you'll help them define their assumptions and think of small experiments that will help them validate or invalidate those assumptions. With multiple low-code tools in the back of your head, you'll see opportunities to do things in a simpler way than they initially had in mind.

Low-code problem solving

Once you've defined a good solution, you'll quickly build prototypes and automations with a broad range of low-code tools. You'll strike a good balance between a scrappy solution and one that feels good enough for the client to show to real users.

A day in the life

Things you could be working on for us:

  • 👀 Researching tools and combinations that make building easier.
  • 📚 Reviewing documents and wireframes from clients to understand their situation.
  • 🧠 Talking with clients to discuss insights from their users.
  • 🎨 Mapping out simple user flows
  • 🎛 Testing out APIs, integrations and workflows.
  • ⚙️ Creating complex automations with platforms like Zapier, Airtable, Notion, Softr, Coda and anything else you run into on the internet.
  • 🧩 Integrating user feedback, helping clients draw conclusions about their product.
  • 🚲 Summarising the system you've built for our Build team when the client moves to the next stage.
  • 📦 Creating templates and internal guides for your work after finishing a project.

But most importantly:

  • ⚙️ Help us iterate on the above process to make it more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Time commitment

This is a project-based job, with every client taking up a variable amount of days per week. You won't be booked for more than 4 days a week in total. This means you'll often have two clients at the same time:


Our intention is to keep the team small for a while, so if you're a member of our team, our intention is to fill up your schedule as much as possible, unless you tell us otherwise. This is why there's a cooldown period, to take overtime into account, give you some space to breathe & reflect.

The money!

We'll pay you $600 per day. That means, if you're running 3 days a week on average, you'll get $7740 per month. We'll pay you at the end of each month. In a projects' cooldown period, you can go for an extra bonus:

  • If the client rates their experience with at least an 8 out of 10, you'll get a bonus of 8%. Of course, we'll do anything to support you in creating happy clients.
  • During the cooldown period, you can add another 8% to your bonus by summarising your insights and creating internal templates for the project you've just finished.

As an example, if you do a 3 day per week project for 3 months, your bonus could go up to $3715.

All of this is based on a percentage of our fee, so when we raise prices in the future, you'll benefit as well.

Income potential

Assuming you're available all year and you'll take some time off now and then, your income could look a bit like this: Average of 3 days / week commitment

4 weeks of cooldowns

4 weeks off = $79200 per year

+- $92000 per year including all bonuses, leaving 8 weeks to mess around, learn new things or go outside.

Who are you?

We'd love to have you on board if you're:

  • Entrepreneurial - You understand the feeling of building and launching new things.
  • Empathetic - You understand when a customer changes their mind or isn't 100% sure about what they want.
  • Extremely comfortable with no-code tools - You've used no-code in a professional setting before and you have experience with a broad range of tools. Whenever something new comes up, you're the first one to test it.
  • Able to think on your feet - You're a fast problem solver and it's easy for you to come up with ideas.
  • Passionate about solving users' problems - You get a lot of energy from building solutions that truly work to help people.
  • Curious - You're naturally curious and enjoy exploring new ways to do things you've done before.
  • Collaborative - You're comfortable talking to clients and helping people understand your perspective. You can communicate your opinion well, but don't mind compromising when it's necessary.
  • Charming - You're able to inspire people through a video call & people like to talk to you.
  • Thoughtful - You can easily reflect and talk about ideas that are still conceptual.
  • Kind - Self-explanatory, but we think it's a lot easier to work with people who are nice people in general.

Why join us?

  • You can design your own environment, and practically your own job - you'll be one of our first team members.
  • When we grow, you grow - we'll trust you to have as much responsibility as you want.
  • Work from anywhere you want, including a sunny retreat when things open up.
  • We're a mindful company with friendly faces - you won't work with or for any bullies.
  • We truly believe no one is doing what we're doing with visual development - we'll be figuring out the future of building products together.
  • We're having a lot of fun working with our clients - somehow we've been able to select some really friendly and inspiring people.
  • There's a ton of ideas on the horizon, so if you want, you can be more involved over time when building out the studio.
  • Youssef's memes are legendary.

Get in touch.

If you're interested, shoot us a message at mike@minimum.studio with:

  • A Loom where you walk through your favourite product or automation so far.
  • A summary of your favourite no-code tools and what you've used so far in different situations.
  • One technical or soft skill you'd like to get better at in the future.

Once that's in, we'll invite you to a little challenge to test the fit.

Please don't send over a resume, CV, a list of impressive university degrees or an overly formal letter - those will be ignored. Just be yourself & share some actual work!